Treasure hunts for parties – party treasure hunts for all

Welcome to If your looking for a personalized party idea then you have come to the right place. We can provide location based treasure hunts for your:

  • Hen party
  • Stag do
  • Birthday party
  • Retirement party
  • School or college reunion
  • Team building events
  • Night outs

Here at Hen hunt we don’t believe in a one-size fits all solution to your treasure hunt needs. All our customers are treated as individuals and all our party treasure hunts are created with a personal touch. We specialise in bespoke party treasure hunts and are dedicated to providing fun and exciting personalised treasure hunts for special occasions such as Hen dos, stag weekends, birthday parties, retirement dos, wedding anniversaries, and many more events.

A great icebreaker for your hen party, stag party or birthday party your guests will soon get to know each other as they work together to outsmart the other guests competing in the treasure hunt. Whether you’re looking to fill time during the day before your night-time activities or as an alternative to a pub-crawl and night out, our party treasure hunts are written specifically for parties and are suitable for all ages and abilities. 

If you are visiting looking for a team building event for your company please use the ‘Corporate’ link on the main menu to find details of our corporate partners.

Our hunts are designed with your needs in mind. If there is a particular activity you wish to include in your hunt then we will try to work this in for you. All our hunt are personalised, we will use your photos for the front cover and within the hunt. If you provide us with information on the person the hunt is for we will be able to create questions or tasks based on them. For example if they were really in to a particular film we could put in a task that would include this film.

The hunts have no set route, meaning that you pick the starting and finishing location, although all the teams will start from the same location and the packs are the same there is no set way of following the packs, meaning there is no need to stagger the start times. Teams will be all over the place answering questions in the order they find best suits them, make sure you don’t run straight in to each other as you race through the streets!

We provide a vast collection of hunts from across the UK, as well as European destinations. If you had a location in mind then please check out our ‘Locations’ link or email us to find out. If you can’t see the location you are looking for we may still be able to get there for you. We try to make sure that all our hunts are checked on a regular bases, however places are changing all the time.

We expect the hunts to last around 1 to 3 hours, the start times and finish time are up to you. We have provided, in most cases, upwards of 3 hours worth of questions and challenges to keep you going.

Each hunt is split in to sections, the main bulk of the hunt is location specific, with photos and a question relating to each photo. All the answers to the hunt can be found at each location so there is no need for knowledge of the location and a visitors book will not be needed! With in the location questions there will also be photo challenges. the next section will be photo assignment pages, fun photos for you to keep, these challenges may have you looking a bit silly but its all good fun. There is also a shopping list challenge, take as many items as you can back to the meeting place. Very little shoud need to be spent on this challenge! And finally there is a word quiz or anagram sheet, we have a number of different word quizzes for different types of hunts. If you have anything that you would like to have added to the hunt please let us know when you enquire and we will see what we can do.

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